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5 Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Ideas on Instagram in 2018

07 November 2017

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Marketing on Instagram in 2018 means reaching more people than ever before. Euro Digital Partners shows you how to do it.


With over 700 million monthly users worldwide, Instagram is an incredibly valuable tool to use in your business. In 2018, Instagram is that must-have welding torch in your social media toolkit. The power of Instagram is that the authenticity required by the platform to produce great content, or connecting on a personal basis, creates a strong bond with your audience to keep them engaged and coming back for more.


At Euro Digital Partners, we have put together 5 awesome Instagram marketing tips you can use to create a successful Instagram campaign of your own to attract more business.


We use these 5 tips in all the social media campaigns we create:


  1. Increase your followers and engagement using actionable hashtags.


Hashtags are an excellent tool to use across most social media networks, but Instagram is the home of the #[hashtag]. The hashtag is the best way to archive the content you upload and categorise it, so your audience is easily able to find and appreciate what your profile page offers. Hashtags are a valuable tool that increases your brand's engagement and visibility when attracting new customers, followers, and users.


With Instagram and the Hashtag, you can promote your product launches, special offers, events, and more. You are rewarded for creativity! For example, if you sell clothes and accessories and have a new product that you are releasing in a few days, such as a new pair of shoes, you could use the hashtag #chooseyoursize to encourage comments from potential customers. You could then create an ongoing conversation with buyers who then can promote the shoes further using the hashtag #showusyours. Those follow-up users could then be automatically entered into a prize draw when they post their new shoes.


  1. Don’t fill your Instagram feed with mediocre content!


Yes, content is king, but bad content will be the end for your business on Instagram, if you are not careful. It is important to be active, but meaningful. Stay true to your brand's objectives and always post quality images. If you are not getting the engagement you are looking for on Instagram and other channels, consider hiring a social media agency to assist in maximizing your impact.


  1. Use Themes to create social awareness and attract attention using related images.


Think about which social causes you support, and which ones your audience cares about the most. Environmental issues? Natural disasters? Promoting recycling? Helping the homeless? Fair animal treatment? Using visual images to promote social awareness is a powerful tool as it shows your company’s dedication to helping the world and future generations.


Just remember to ask yourself one question before posting: “Does this post create a real emotional connection with me?”


If the answer is negative, then it’s likely your customers will see it negatively, too.


  1. Launch a creative photo contest on Instagram that will inspire people to join.


Instagram photo contest marketing can be heaps of fun for your audience, and it can generate a lot of excitement that will grow your following. You need to be creative, and different! Lots of companies have run this type of contest to take a look at your competitors and think of something out the box and different. You can offer your latest products that may be going viral or a bundle that has a high perceived value to motivate people to take part: Something that is only $10 in value may not work, so make it an irresistible offer no one can turn down! This will increase the value and interest. You should be looking at prices that are relatable to your audience and the purpose you are trying to achieve.


  1. Ask your audience to caption one of your photos that inspires them.


People will caption your photos if you have an engaged audience and this type of intentional action request on social media can really "blow up" and push it to the top gets you even more fans. There are many ways you can do this. One idea would be to take a photo of one of your photos in a unique, but a recognizable location and ask people to guess where it is. The first to guess correctly wins a prize.


Choose a topic that is trending. Choose a serious topic or even better something fun and entertaining but look for something that is going viral and do similar (but better)! Take the “ice bucket challenge,” or the “bottle flipping,” as examples of interesting viral ideas. You could ask your audience for ideas on how you should do it. Your goal is to keep the audience engaged as long as possible, getting them to like, comment, and share thus asking them to take action and “buy” when prompted to do so.


Social media is not an easy ride. It takes a lot of work and lots of time! Euro Digital Partners typically spends the most time on developing these relationships, and they do not come overnight. If you want to grow your presence yourself, be prepared to spend at least 15 hours a week on it. Of course, if outsourcing seems a better option for your business, Euro Digital Partners strives to bring top results to our clients, so if you want to learn more, just contact us.