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5 Things to jumpstart your company’s digital presence in 2018!

28 September 2017

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5 Things to jumpstart your company’s digital presence today!


Sometimes we all need a little nudge to get things done, and a to-do list to make ourselves feel like we have accomplished something is exactly what the doctor ordered. Our presence in the digital space is important to our future success, so Euro Digital Partners came up with a quick, 5-point plan for 2018 to drive your online marketing today. It’s simple, and will not take your whole day…


  1. Activate https for your website – sometimes this is just a one-click process, but it has been shown to have a positive effect in search engine ranking surveys;
  2. Create a list of competitors and evaluate their online presence;
  3. Think about how you want customers to perceive your company, and then think about all the ways they might perceive it differently;
  4. Think about your team in terms of understanding digital – get them thinking about it and involved in projects to expand their capabilities digitally. Think about whether you have equipped them with the necessary tools to enable their success;
  5. Hire a digital consultant (like Euro Digital Partners)! :-D

If you would like some ideas on how you can jumpstart marketing in your business we are happy to chat. We love to be helpful! We have 15+ years experience in digital marketing, so we probably have an idea or two about what works and what does not when it comes to social media, advertising and search engine marketing.


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