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Where our clients put their money in 2018

01 October 2017

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Where our clients put their money in 2018



Euro Digital Partners evaluates, on a regular basis, which area of digital marketing clients are spending money. In 2018, a few trends emerged. For example, more than ever before, clients were spending money on search engine marketing and influencer marketing.


Other areas where money was spent, in no particular order:


  • Social Media Management
  • Site-targeted banner advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website redesign (especially enhancing e-commerce strategies)
  • Analytics
  • Sales and Marketing automation
  • Content creation (including text and video)


Our analysis is that business decision makers are putting their money in areas that could improve service but without increasing long-term costs. There seems to be little appetite in growing headcount, even if outsourced through an agency. This might be, in part, due to the desire to return more money to shareholders, or due to a lack of consistency or competency (i.e. difficulty of finding) new staff.


Take, for example, one of the new social media services we offer. We recently worked with a large hotel chain to develop a “bot” (i.e., robot) that takes a reservation for a hotel room. It is a rudimentary form of AI, but will continue to improve, especially as customers ask more questions, and hotel managers seek to hire fewer sales and reservation staff.


You could also imagine this working quite well for barbershops and doctors’ offices. Imagine a scenario where you go your dentist’s Facebook page, explain that you have pain in your left top molar, and have had it for 3 days, and from that, the bot can schedule an appointment for you, negotiating the time slot based on your particular complication. No more waiting on hold to speak with a stressed-out scheduling assistant.


We will continue writing about these topics in upcoming insights posts. Stay tuned!