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Why do-it-yourself Facebook advertising in 2018 might be a bad idea

28 September 2017

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Why do-it-yourself Facebook advertising in 2018 might be a bad idea


The vast majority of Facebook advertisers, Euro Digital Partners clients included, know that to achieve their marketing and sales goals, they should have some presence on the Facebook platform. For some, developing a community through a Facebook business page is likely to be enough, but for others, the ability to build a specific audience based on psychographic information, and then advertising specific messages to that target audience, is critical to new product rollout campaign goals.


Still, for the uninitiated, Facebook advertising is a daunting platform to use. Only a small fraction, maybe 20% do really well with it. Most companies are simply ineffective, and a few lose their shirts, failing miserably and then ignore the platform from there onward.


Euro Digital Partners likes to learn from the mistakes of others so that we do not make the same mistakes, so we did a little research, including chats with prospective clients, to understand better what we should advise our clients to avoid in their planning and execution.


The problem with Facebook’s advertising is that it isn’t very intuitive. For the experienced, certified marketer, it isn’t so different from Google, but it has a fairly steep learning curve. This low expertise in the Facebook platform puts it out of the reach of the average (or worse) marketer.


One of the challenges of the Facebook tool is that it requires manual creation of advertisements. This means you have to have a solid grasp of graphic design and the associated tools, a very good copywriting background in the language you are targeting, and tools to assess your competitors’ ads. Lacking that, you are better off outsourcing to a third party.


On this point, we’d like to add that the point of Facebook marketing isn’t to get the most likes, page views, or video views. It’s actually about ROI. In other words, tracking for expenditures and conversions. But just how much money does Facebook generate for the client? It’s a question we have to be sure to measure constantly.


There’s a ton of tools that the independent social media strategist can use for themselves, and companies around the world use them as well, but the bottom line is that you have to know when to use which tool.


Make no mistake that when it comes to social media, there is no doubt that Facebook can be used to automate your sales and marketing processes and allow for accurate measurement of return on investment for your marketing dollars.